Why this blog?

I decided to start blogging as I realized that I was flooded with thoughts that would have been  too overwhelming to post on facebook. I have an incredible army of supporters on facebook and did not want to overburden them with the minute details of my challenging times. Plus, as a psychologist, how many times have I  “strongly encouraged” my patients to journal about the adversity in their lives as studies have shown therapeutic and healing benefits of writing about one’s challenges and difficulties. I always told my patients though that they had to write with a pen on a piece of paper because apparently there is something in the physical act of writing but “miss goody two shoes” (as my husband likes to affectionately call me) decided to break a rule, for once, and write on my computer!

I thought about how I would title my blog for a long time and decided to go with the law of attraction which believes that by focusing on positive thoughts one can bring about positive results. I will do anything and everything that can help…. Fred has been telling me for years to write a book – who knows, now that I have plenty of time on my hands, maybe this could be my big break!


2 thoughts on “Why this blog?

  1. Ratch, merci, merci d’écrire, merci de partager toute ce périple. J’ai partagé cette adresse avec quelques unes de mes amies qui t’envoient aussi de la bonne énergie. xxx

  2. Hi Rachael, great talking with you last night as well. from one survivor to another, who knows why bad things happen to good people. It is all just part of the overall downward spiral of society. But above it all, God
    is good and he heals today like He did back in His day. Keeping the healing prayers coming your way and looking forward to hearing about your miraculous recovery. Remember, no remission, just cure!!

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