It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

I can’t believe it is already christmas eve!!! I bounced back very well from round 9 – maybe it is the Holiday’s adrenaline but whatever it is, I’ll take it.

There is so much effervescence in our house these days, it is so sweet and fun. I just wished this time would last longer. I love having the house all decorated, putting on christmas music and baking our traditional sweets, making christmas puzzles, and just being in the christmas spirit. I was a little bit leery about our “elf on the shelf’s return” this year as last year Pierrro heard that his friend’s mom was the one moving their elf. (For those who don’t know about the elf on the shelf, it is an elf that comes to our house every December and keeps an eye on the kids, every night he flies back to Santa to report on their behavior and comes back every morning in a different spot in the house – it is important not to touch the elf as he would lose his magic). I was so not ready for the christmas magic to be gone last year that I told Pierro that his friend must have touched his elf and hence he probably lost his magic and of course his mom had to move him. I wasn’t sure if he believed me or not but I didn’t want him to tell his little brother. I think he bought into it. So before our elf’s arrival this year, I had a little talk with him to see where he was with all this and I was a bit surprised by his answer “mom I read so many books about magic that I believe it can happen to me too”! I was thrilled to hear that we would have another year of the christmas magic! Our elf has been playing tricks on us, getting in trouble, and just sneaky as his name is “Mr. Sneaky”. One day he left two seeds for the kids to plant in sugar and they woke up the next morning to two candy canes that grew from the seeds. The look on Sebastien’s face and the expression in his voice were so priceless!!! I will miss them running into our room in the morning telling us where they found the elf (and the competition between the boys – who was going to “find him first”!). Tonight our elf returns to Santa for the year and should be back next year…

We are all looking forward to tomorrow and having Fred’s sister and her family fly in from Canada. We will enjoy christmas dinner with them, his parents, and our dear friends the Russsos, we are so happy they will be joining us! The kids are so hoping that grandpa wakes up early on christmas day this year, “last year we had to wait like like 1/2  hour”!!! Today should be busy too, I am eagerly waiting for the boys to be out of the house so I can start wrapping! I have not wrapped one present yet! I used to do that when the kids were sleeping but I have been going to bed at the same as them lol! I think I am faring pretty well though. I have been so busy lately that it has kept me distracted from my diagnosis. Of course it is still in the back of my mind and I still jump every time I see myself in a mirror, the sight of my shaved head is always a reminder of what I am going through. I guess I forget at times but there is always a twinge in my heart when I am reminded. I can only focus on how well I am doing and my goal to rid my body of this cancer. Some people have lived 15 to 20 years after a Stage 4 diagnosis so why not me?

I am glad to see 2013 coming to an end. I’ll be getting my next infusion December 31st, what a way to end 2013! More to come on this topic but in the mean time I want to wish Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you all for your support and encouragements!!!



4 thoughts on “It’s beginning to look a lot like christmas!

  1. Joyeuses Fêtes et Heureuse année 2014 à toi Rachel, à Frédéric, à Pierro, à Sebastien et à tous ceux qui vous sont chers. Une douce pensée pour toi, en ce lendemain de Noël. Bisous magiques! Annie xxx

  2. Sorry I missed this post……your Christmas sounded magical.

    PS. You are so beautiful with short hair! Really. Don’t be shocked when you look in the mirror. You rock it like no other!

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