Spring is in the air!

Time seems to be flying by lately, I can’t believe tomorrow is already April. Things have been pretty mellow around here except for the boys’ spring break which I must say was pretty eventful. We had initially planned a trip to Canada to go skiing but with my neuropathy being so bad, I knew I would be miserable in the cold. In hindsight, I am glad we didn’t make the trip, just the colder weather here (ok I mean cooler weather) made me pretty uncomfortable at times. We instead enjoyed a little Florida vacation. Our trip started in Tampa, at the Renaissance Festival. My new found friend and fellow fighter joined us for the day with her beautiful family. She is a few years younger than I am and has 2 girls exactly the same age as our boys. I felt immediately bonded to her the first time we met. Our circumstances are a bit different but we are both battling a Stage 4 colon cancer (hers being Lynch) while having young ones. We have the same desire to fight and beat this disease with the same fears and anxieties that come along. I laughed so hard when she told us how she always shows a picture of her kids to her doctors, I do the same, I just want to show them that there is so much at stakes and so they better do a good job! We had a wonderful day together. Her youngest daughter made a magic wand at the fair and kept changing my boys into frogs and casting spells on her mother and I, telling us we didn’t have cancer anymore. So sweet and at the same time so heart breaking that an 8 year-old even knows about cancer… but it is part of our children’s lives. Our kids will be attending a one week sleepover camp together this summer. It is for children who have a parent battling cancer and is organized by UF, I am so excited for this opportunity and can’t wait to hang out with them again! Our next stop was Sarasota where we were going to see a Red Sox spring training game. I must confess that I was able to get tickets using my “C” card hehehe. Sadly, the game was cancelled after 2 innings due to the rain and my plan to enjoy watching the sunset on the Gulf of Mexico was also rained out. We still had fun together and introduced the boys to fondue, the chocolate one was a complete hit! We then spent the following days at Universal Studios in Orlando where we all had a blast. I definitely do not have the same stamina as I used to and had to take breaks which was hard on my morale at times but the good times outweighed my pity parties. We topped off the week with a nice day sail with good friends of ours… until our engine broke down and had to be towed back to the marina! At least it was a beautiful day on the river and the kids seemed to have fun.

I am back in the chemo chair this morning. it was nice to get an extra week break from chemo. I am back on the horse, I do not want to give this cancer any chance, I just want to keep hitting it until it dies. I just received the amazing news that my cancer marker went down some more! I am so relieved to hear this, maintenance chemo is doing its job. This cancer truly chose the wrong body to mess with!


4 thoughts on “Spring is in the air!

  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast last week! Great way to build momentum going back to chemo today. SO delighted to hear that your numbers have dropped again!! GO RACHEL! KICK COLON CANCER IN THEBUTT!! ;-))

  2. Always happy to hear from your life – mellow or eventful 😉 and about the marker continue to decrease :)))))))) This weekend, we drove by your old apartment in the old port of Montreal – still haven’t given up hope that one day you will come home into the cold (April 1st and kids still go to school in full winter gear 😉

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