Cancerversary #1

Beating Stage IV Colon Cancer at 40

In the cancer world, people talk about the anniversary of their cancer diagnosis. Well I can’t believe it has been one year today since I was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer. It is fascinating to me to reread lines I wrote a few weeks ago about this upcoming anniversary. I knew it was coming up and it was already starting to shake things up inside so I started writing. I was shocked to see how dark my thoughts were then, I had written things like “there is nothing to celebrate about having cancer, having cancer sucks”. Yes having cancer sucks but I have been in a total different mind set lately. I think something clicked within me during our trip to Canada and ever since we have been back, I am feeling very different, in a much better and healthier place. Maybe it is the talk I had with…

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One thought on “Cancerversary #1

  1. Rachel
    Dimanche dernier lors d’une visite à la cathédrale de Québec j’ai lu 8 affiches portant sur:
    • La conversion
    • La justice
    • Le pardon
    • La bonté / goodness
    • La paix / peace
    • L’amour / love
    • La sagesse / wisdom
    • L’espérance / hope
    En lisant cette dernière affiche sur l’espérance j’ai immédiatement pensé à toi.
    Voici le texte:
    Aux jours d’espérance, rejoice in hope,
    soyez dans la joie; be patient in suffering,
    aux jours d’épreuve, persevere in prayer.
    tenez bon;
    priez avec perséverance.

    Sois certaine que tu es dans mes prières tous les jours.
    Bon courage et lâches pas.
    Ton papa qui t’aime beaucoup.

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