My tooth fairy debacle!

I have often described how I feel like I live a double life. On my chemo weeks, I enter the cancer world, I play the patient role, deal with doctors, their offices, the insurance and all the politics and bureaucracy that comes with it. On my off chemo weeks, I live in the normal world, back on “the other side of the fence” as a mental health provider and being a mom and wife.

Well here’s what happens when my 2 worlds collide…

I was prepping for a colonoscopy this week. For the lucky ones who have never had one, you need to be on a liquid diet for a whole day and then you have to drink a concoction that will empty you out… completely. So at midnight, I started drinking my little cocktail as instructed by my doctor. I was given a different prep this time so I had no idea how fast things would start happening. After drinking my 48 oz of prep and water, I sat in bed, next to my husband who had just fallen asleep, waiting for everything to go down. The last prep had made me pretty ill so I kept a foot out of the bed in case I needed to run to the bathroom. Then my mind started wandering and I remembered that we were on tooth fairy duty! Actually, the tooth fairy failed to show up the previous night and we all agreed that it was probably because there was a cavity on the fallen tooth – makes sense right? So that night there was no excuse. I knew I would probably keep my husband awake all night with my coming and going to the bathroom so I decided to let him sleep and take care of the tooth. Our system has been fail proof. We put the tooth in a baggy under the pillow and have the money ready in a different baggy so all we need to do is swap baggies – no messing around trying to find the tooth. I got the money ready and headed to my son’s bed who is normally a very sound sleeper and can even sleep through a fire alarm! For the first time ever, he was hugging his pillow tightly as if he was waiting for the tooth fairy wanting to make sure he wouldn’t miss her! So I tried as carefully as I could to slip my hand underneath but couldn’t find the baggy and I managed to wake him up. I was able to hide the money baggy under my shirt and made up the excuse that I had heard him cough a lot and wanted to make sure he was ok! phew he bought into it and immediately checked for his tooth and couldn’t find it either! He sleepily said he would look for it in the morning and asked for a glass of water. With my heart still pounding as if I had been caught committing a crime, I went into the kitchen and put the money baggy on the counter and got him a glass of water. I returned to the room with a flashlight not to wake brother up who shares the same room. We looked a little bit more under the covers for the tooth and brother woke up – wow I have never had such a tooth fairy epic fail before!!! Then brother jumps out of bed to get a glass of water and I stop him in time and told him I would get him a glass of water. If he had gone to the kitchen, he would have seen the money baggy and we would have been busted big time!!! Everyone went back to bed, the situation was saved and thank God the tsunami did not hit me while I was trying to fulfill my tooth fairy duty! All and all everything is fine but the tooth is still missing… perhaps the tooth fairy decided for real that a tooth with a cavity is not worth any money?

On a different note, I had broadly explained to my son what a colonoscopy was. Since he recently had laparoscopic surgery to remove his appendix, he knew what it meant to have a little camera go inside your body and now has 3 little scars on his belly. After my procedure, he asked me, “where is your scar mom?” – I didn’t have the heart (or guts haha) to tell him…

Never ever a dull moment…


One thought on “My tooth fairy debacle!

  1. You are right, never a dull moment with kids. . . !!! We have left notes from the tooth fairy in the bathroom with money saying to leave the tooth in the bathroom the next night! My kids get notes from Santa, the Easter Bunny, etc. . . so they think this is normal;O Great to see you today!!!

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