Medical Update

We finally have a plan!
After a lot of back and forth and different doctors giving us different directions, my case was reviewed by a whole team of doctors at Shands and we feel very good about their recommendation. As much as we had thought we were working toward a colon resection for the past 8 months, we were told otherwise. I have remained stable on maintenance chemo for 8 months now and the results from my colonoscopy a few weeks ago indicated that the mass that was almost obstructing my colon 1 year ago had reduced by half and the pathology report indicated that the mass was no longer malignant. Basically this means it is necrotic. Everyone at the tumor board agreed that I had an excellent and remarkable response to chemotherapy and I am exactly where they want me to be. As my doctor explained, their main concern is not my colon but my liver and my liver will always be the concern. Once the cancer stops responding to treatment, my liver will start failing and then there will be no more options. So they want to go in and treat the liver, proactively. My doctor indicated that they are not worried about the tumors that are already on my liver and even told me that they were able to see on the scans that some of the spots were now scars – I was thrilled to hear this news as no one else had been able to say that to me. What they are concerned about is cancer “seeds” or microscopic disease that they believe is more than likely present but currently inactive. He believes that the cancer will be back, that it’s just a matter of months but believes that it will be one year max until it comes back. So the recommendation is to undergo radioembolization also know as Y-90 or SIRT (selective internal radiation therapy). Microspheres often referred to as radiation beads will be injected into the main artery that supplies the liver tumors. The beads will lodge directly into the tumor cells to destroy them. This is as much as I know for now! They will treat half of the liver first and I will go back 6 weeks later for the other half. We will be starting the process in about one week and I am quite excited about it. I am thrilled to be given a chemo break and as weird as it may sound it is scary to think about coming off the chemo but my doctor explained it was a much needed break for my liver. More to come soon but excited to have a plan!


5 thoughts on “Medical Update

  1. Necrotic is my new favorite “big word!”
    Sounds amazing to be in the driver’s seat and being able to be PROactive! Your body loves you! We do too!
    Couldn’t be happier to hear this news today! 👍😀👍😀

  2. Wow! Sounds like you are “kicking cancers butt”! I am so happy to hear you have a plan 😃! Keeping you in my thoughts & prayers each day❤️

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